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After dishonoring the profession of journalism, Newsweek has decided to stop publishing a print edition starting in January 2013.


Sadly, this is not truly an act of principle, where Newsweek shuts its doors in shame as a result of the embarrassment they’ve made of themselves and their magazine. No, editor-in-chief Tina Brown is saying that this is a result of the “challenging economics of print publishing and distribution,” but certainly “not about the quality of the brand or the journalism, that is as powerful as ever.” The magazine will continue to be published online.

A quick review of their death throes:

August. The abyssmal writing of its star commentator Niall Ferguson finally catches up with Newsweek when Newsweek was forced to admit that it did not even have fact-checkers after they published a falsehood-laden story of his that attracted too much attention (and elicited an embarrassing defense from Ferguson). They didn’t even seem too upset about it: after all, what relevance did truth have to Newsweek? This may have been the point when Newsweek decided to give up all pretense of being anything other than an attention-grabbing tabloid.

September. Newsweek goes with this cover, playing to America’s cherished stereotype of Muslims: 

Early October. Newsweek goes with this cover story, abandoning their credibility:

A week later the Newsweek announced they would not be publishing a print version anymore. An online version will persist.

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