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Some people have expressed concerns about whether the impersonal nature of drone warfare might necessitate some reflection and public debate in order to develop a more philosophically thorough set of guidelines.


Fine, but we can trust President Obama with that, right? He’ll make sure all the safeguards are in place. He’ll invite moral philosophers and others to join the discussion. That seems like an easy decision when facing such a weighty moral issue.

In case you don’t entirely trust the President and are still silly enough to think that these issues may not have been given sufficient consideration, with all the humanity, thoughtfulness, and gravitas that it requires, behold the emblem that has been chosen to represent the program (via Mano Singham):


Emblem for the US Navy’s Executive Office for the Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons Program

Well, then. That about settles it.

I can’t decide whether this is meant to be “Devilishly Ironic” or if they’re just going for “Badass”. In any case, the abhorrent insouciance on display here should put to rest any questions about whether the morality of drone warfare is being taken sufficiently seriously.


One purpose of this blog is to explore avenues of action to help make things better. If things like complacent drone warfare upset you, please try and do something about it. At the very least, tell someone about it, which can help move public sentiment. The people in charge of these programs ultimately derive their power and authority from the American people. It is Americans’ inclination to ignore these issues, or to look the other way, or to throw up our hands in helplessness, that enables everything our government does. It really is up to us to change things, which means we really are responsible for any evil our government does. Please, don’t just ignore it. (9)